What’s the CNC? Simply put, it’s the deluxe membership level for the site.

What does membership get you?
-Dollar per dollar store credit
-Larger, high-resolution copies of the comic
-A digital desktop/background image every month
-Sketches and behind the scenes notes for the comic
-The Secret Commission Cast
-Video features of Obsidian working on the comic
-Invitations to all COMMISSIONED parties
-Access to the Black Market

What is all that?
-Dollar per dollar store credit
For every dollar you pay in membership fees, you get that many dollars back in store credit (valid only in the COMMISSIONED store of and the Black Market store). So a one-month membership costs you $4(US), and it becomes $4(US) of store credit (please allow up to 30 days for store credit codes to be processed).

-Larger, high-resolution copies of the comic:
Comics are normally saved at 760 pixels wide. The CNC will also be able to see the art at 900 pixels wide.

-A digital desktop/background image every month:
Each month will have a new image, generally themed to the month and available for download.

-Sketches and behind the scenes notes for the comic:
Pencils-level looks at the art, as well as the occassional tidbit that O might have left out of his normal rants (Please note: this is not guaranteed for every comic).

-The Secret Commission Cast:
About once a week, Obsidian will sit down and answer some questions about the COMMISSIONED universe, from characters to plot points. Also, there will be updates on all things COMMISSIONED.

-Video features of Obsidian working on the comic:
About once every two weeks, Obsidian will record video of him creating the comic or doing a drawing tutorial.

-Invitations to all COMMISSIONED parties:
Fan appreciation parties will be held as often as we’re able to get Obsidian to a convention. The first official COMMISSIONED party will be held in San Diego on either the 21st or 22nd of July. Note: That’s the Thursday and Friday of San Diego Comic-Con 2011.
There are other parties currently in the planning for 2011, though they will probably be in the USA. We are actively looking for a place to hold a COMMISSIONED party in Europe in either 2012 or 2013.

-Access to the Black Market:
The Black Market is a Limited Edition storefront for all things COMMISSIONED, including LE shirt colors and designs, artist-edition comics, original paintings, and for the first time ever – the original art from COMMISSIONED.

Still not sure? Both the Annual and the Monthly plan come with a free two day trial to check things out.

The Annual Plan – $40 (US)/Year
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The Monthly Plan – $4 (US)/Month
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Maestro Card users: Please contact Dern at dernwerks (at) gmail (dot) com. Annual subscriptions only are available.