Like a lot of people, I absolutely hate going to the dentist. But like a grownup, sometimes, when the pain from a toothache is so bad you start considering ripping your jaw out, you have to do the right thing and go to the dentist.

Also, I have a pretty big jaw, so ripping it out would probably be a difficult task. Or at least inconvenient.

Anyway, I’ve been having to take some trips to the dentist to get some work done, and as it turns out, dentistry can be rather expensive. Of course, I have health insurance, but it seems that their attitude towards teeth is that unless the dentist breaks my arm, it’s really none of their business.

I’ve still got a few sessions to go, and my wallet is now wondering if maybe I love my teeth more than I love her (which I do, but I don’t tell her so she’ll still give me what I want). After my last session, and seeing the bill and how much future bills will be, I decided it was time to make some extra money, so that I can not only have healthy teeth but also food to get them dirty with.

So yeah, I’ll be taking character commissions, to produce at a rhythm of one or two a week. Prices may vary, but if you’re interested just send me an email (to oabnormal(at) with a brief description of what you’d like and I’ll respond with a quote – and we’ll take it from there. I’ll be taking them on a “first come, first served” basis, so don’t hesitate to just write and ask if you’re still just “thinking about it”.

And… well… I guess that’s how I’ll pay for my teeth.

Good hunting;

NOTE: The Picasso reference in the comic’s title is quite an interesting story about how Pablo Picasso (and some other artists, it would seem) would pay for their meals at restaurants. Be sure to check it out.