When I spoke with Dern about this comic, we tried to come up with a good trio before committing to the idea. Eventually, we came to the conclusion that while there are plenty of good heroic trios, they never truly stay as a “pure” trio for long.

We knew – for example – that somebody would point out Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli right away. But really, how long do they stay as a pure trio and what do they really accomplish as one? It’s not very long before Gandalf the White joins them (oops, spoilers!), and although Gandalf most certainly comes and goes, they’re mostly just a group of three protagonists working with a whole bunch of other people. Sure enough, later on when Aragorn embarks on his journey of ghostly recruitment, they become a trio again. But they’re on their way to get the support of an undead army. That’s hardly staying a trio.

Of course, in spite of the two of us talking for a while, trying to come up with a good trio, we’re well aware that there’s a very good chance a legitimate trio will pop up in the comments section- We’re not worried about that because – naturally – there’s a lot of stuff we haven’t read or watched. Even better, we might get a chance to find some new worthwhile reading or watching material we might’ve missed.

So be sure to mention any legitimate trios you might know about in the comments section. But remember: legitimate trio.

Good hunting;