If today’s comic is a bit confusing, then good. It’s supposed to be – or at least it’s supposed to represent how confusing dealing with our girlfriends was way back when we were in college and we had to explain to them why it was that for a whole day out of the weekend, they not only had no boyfriend but also why they were not allowed to “tag along” and watch us play.

In our gaming group we had a rule about “guests”, and it was that nobody was allowed to be at our gaming sessions unless they were playing. We felt uncomfortable with people just hanging around, watching us play, I suppose it made us feel self conscious or whatever. We had all – at some point – tried to get our girlfriends into gaming, but it turned out that even after a couple of sessions none of them were actually interested. So in the end, our Sunday RPG sessions we’re 100% girlfriend-free.

Of course, this made it so that we had to explain to them that we weren’t going to spend time with them, and every single Saturday we’d have to go through the same thing when answering the question “will you be playing tomorrow?”. Noticing that the situation was pretty much the same with all my friends, I eventually came to the conclusion that we were all suffering from something I like to call “gamer’s guilt”. Basically, it’s a feeling of guilt and confusion that comes from having a good time but not being very clear on if it’s OK since you’re not having a good time with your partner. I’m sure there’s an actual name for it, but I’m no psychologist.

The result was that every weekend we’d all go through the little “guilt dance” where we’d try our best to make our girlfriends feel that we wanted them to be there, without actually inviting them. It involved calling them every couple of hours during the game, making sure we spent the day before with them, and making sure nobody else took their girlfriend to our game, since that would ruin the balance of the whole thing.

And that’s where today’s comic comes from. Clumsily trying to explain to your girlfriend that she won’t see you this weekend so you can go “play” with your friends.

Good hunting;

NOTE: I wrote the entire rant from a male’s perspective because (last time I checked) I’m a male. The whole thing is not about gender, it’s about relationships.

NOTE 2: I know, I know. Some of you have wonderful relationships where you both play and it works. Good for you.