Going through college, people grow into adults – and with adulthood comes a ton of stuff you have/need to do that makes gaming a little more inconvenient.

It’s easy to make time for video games and stuff like that, because you can play a little at a time and just go on a gaming binge whenever you can. But with table-top RPGs the situation is quite different, since any respectable game session needs at least a few hours and getting several people together in the same place.

Of course, I’m well aware that there are plenty of alternatives such as playing through some online method or stuff like that, but a big part of table-top gaming is getting together with your friends, having a few laughs, ordering food… you know, the whole “getting together part”.

Anyway, as we grow it becomes harder and harder to make time for games, but that doesn’t mean it’s insanely difficult. What really makes the whole situation frustrating is the schedule adjustment required so that a group of people with different occupations can make time – at the same time.

Even then, one of those things you notice as an adult is that you’re not quite as eager to fill in your day off with a bunch of activities. You get a free day, and you sometimes just want to relax and do nothing. Besides, a complete RPG session is pretty exhausting in its own right.

So as I plan to get a gaming group back together this year, schedules are on my mind a lot. I still need to wait a couple of weeks, though, so that I can actually “get into” the year and see what my own schedule is gonna be like. But until then, I guess not sleeping shall have to be there as my final option.

Good hunting;