True enough, I’m not the “festive” kind. I don’t actually begrudge people their own holiday celebrations, but I do fail to understand when they celebrate as if the holiday were the best thing to ever happen to them.

Did you graduate? Did you just accomplish something admirable? Have you saved humanity from croc shoes? Then there’s reason to celebrate as if there were no tomorrow!

But holidays aren’t really anything special to me. You didn’t earn your birthday, it’s not an accomplishment. Christmas has that whole “made to cover a pagan holiday” thing going on and we humans invented the calendar, so New Year’s could be just about any day of the year.

But then people say “well, it’s just an excuse to be happy and have fun, what’s wrong about that?”

And it’s true, there’s nothing wrong about that – except why do you need an excuse to be happy and have fun? Just go ahead and be merry any time you want! That’s what I do, and my baldness stands as proof of it.

Now Halloween… there’s something to celebrate!

Good hunting;

NOTE: Nevertheless, I’m curious about what you’re all doing for New Year’s. Customs change around the world, and I want to know what different people do.

NOTE2: I will accept no arguments about Halloween. Either love it or go home.