During this month of November, somebody came up with the idea that we men shouldn’t shave – called “No Shave November” – or simply grow a mustache – called “Movember”.  The idea is supposedly to raise awareness for prostate cancer “and other male initiatives” (according to the Wikipedia entry).

Up until that point, everything’s fine. I have my own gripes with the whole “awareness” movement, and I have mixed feelings towards the effectiveness of such things. But I can tolerate it, unless they’re actually harming their cause (which with some causes, is actually the case). So as far as that goes, I’m OK with the whole idea of “Movember”.

That is, until people start bugging me to grow a beard, a mustache or simply not shave.

Look, I might let a little bit of fuzz grow on my face, but that’s as far as it goes. I like my face smooth and I’m pretty sure me growing a beard is not going to make a difference. If I want to support a cause, I support it. Just because I shave it doesn’t mean I’m wishing a plague on your balls. And let’s not even get into the fact that most people I’ve seen don’t even know what the actual purpose of this whole thing is – to them it’s just a fun, funny idea.

But, even after I basically just bashed Movember, I realize people will still do it. And like I said, I don’t mind. But can we PLEASE all agree that people that are basically incapable of growing a full beard should just avoid the whole thing altogether? I mean, nothing is worse that a patchy, limp beard. NOTHING.


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