Yup, it’s Halloween, my personal favorite day of the year.

And it’s been made extra-special thanks to you guys and our newest KICKSTARTER endeavor, the P├ôSTUMO Zombie Poker Deck, (a.k.a. The Deck of the Dead). We launched this on Monday, a bit before midnight and we’ve been overwhelmed by the tremendous support it’s received. With just a day and a half in, and we’re already at 700% of our goal (at the time of this posting) and so we’re thinking about what else we can do to make it even better. Stretch goals, extra stuff, you name it.

Anyway, it’s looking to be a great Halloween for us, and I hope you all have a great Halloween just as well. Dress up, eat loads of junk, watch scary movies and just be creepy, weird and abnormal.

Good hunting;