As I was writing the comic, I realized that I could just fill pages and pages with “Disapproving Social Network Guy”. I would suppose this says a lot more about me than I would care for, but then I guess that after a little less than 8 years and 1700+ comics it’s been made rather clear that I don’t approve of a lot of things.

So yeah, I posted the pic without words right here, large-sized and all, so you can make it into your own message of disapproval. Go ahead, you know you want to. Add your comment on what you wish people would stop posting about and then post it on your own Social Network.

I realize this would probably be something that Disapproving Social Network Guy wouldn’t approve of, and I also realize the risk involved. But if it helps make it so that I see less pics of babies, posts of people giving themselves pats on the back, shares of every single song that gets listened to and posts about everyday activities as if they were something fascinating – then any cost that comes along with it will be worth it.

And again, I could’ve just gone all day adding to that little list of stuff I wish the internet had less of, but I’m a lot more curious about what my readers (i.e. you) don’t approve of. So go ahead and post it in the comments.

Good hunting;

EDIT: As requested by some, here’s a link to a much larger version of the meme. Without text, of course. Click here.