As I was finishing today’s comic I got this sensation – that I still haven’t been able to shake off – that I might’ve done this joke before. I really wanted to make sure that wasn’t the case, but in the end I just had to forget about it and move on, since I really didn’t have the time to go through the entire archives and make sure. I guess that’s a risk you take when you’ve got an archive with 1750 comics in it and the mayority have no tags, titles or markings of any sort.

If any of you remember this joke from before, please post about it in the comments. I guess that if it is a repeat, it’s not all that bad. I mean, Hollywood does remakes all the time, right? We can just consider it a remake and complain about how the original was better out of pure nostalgia.

Yeah, we’re all about pop culture here.

Good hunting;

NOTE: I know it’s pepperoni pizza, which I – as a vegetarian – would normally not eat. But in cases of extreme hunger, all you gotta do is patiently peel all the meat off. It’s happened to all of us.