Every year I campaign for the same thing, and I will not rest until the day when November has its dignity and respect returned to him.

But still, sometimes even as early as October (and in some specially depressing cases, September) I start seeing Christmas trees through people’s windows, and holiday decorations on sale in stores all over the place.

I don’t worry about October, because while Halloween is still celebrated the month will remain powerful enough to keep Christmas at bay. And september is safe because October acts as its shield. People aren’t just gonna start Christmas, pause for Halloween and then go back to Christmas.

But November doesn’t have all that much going for it, just a couple of lesser holidays at theĀ beginningĀ and a big dinner later on. Sure, it might have big celebrations in specific countries, but as far as the global picture goes, November is – like the comic says – just an obstacle month on people’s way towards December.

There’s really not much more to say here, Abnormals. Just that if -like me- you think every single one of the 12 months deserves dignity and respect, please reject any and all December holiday decorations before November is over.

Feel free to use the image in the rant, if you want.

Good hunting;

NOTE: I moved the RPG comics to Wednesdays, in case anybody’s wondering.