One of the most entertaining aspects of the COMMISSIONATHLON is that sometimes the clients will come up with crazy brilliant ideas – and then I get to drawn them.

Before drawing this image I had never watched Doctor Who aside from some YouTube videos of the old series, with some Daleks just looking really lame. It was my opinion that the series was just not worth my time. During the morning, while I was working on the image the chat room was so insistent on the new series being good that I decided to give it a shot while I was having lunch.

And guess what? I was entertained. Sure enough, the effects were cheap, the acting was horrible and the pacing was awful. But most series almost always have a terrible first show. The main thing is that I was entertained and I liked it.

The client’s name is Gorbash, and so I guess I have him to thank for this new addition to my geekish repertoire.

Placing the link directly on the image doesn’t seem to be working – so click here to view the larger version.

Good hunting;

NOTE: The character “Rose” wasn’t very convincing, though.