If anyone looked up the Commissioned Ninja Clan rates in the past week, they might have been a little shocked to see a rate of $30/MONTH. That’s because there was a small mistake in the PayPal button, which has been fixed to the correct rate, $30/YEAR.

To make up for the bug, today only we’re extending the free trial period for both subscription plans to January 7, 2011.

That means if you sign up today for the annual rate of $30, PayPal won’t charge you until January 7. And if you pick the $4/month rate today, your first membership dues comes on January 7.

After today, we’ll be moving the free trial period back to January 1.

And remember, the free trial period and the $30/YEAR rate ends Dec. 31. After that, Ninja Membership will be $40/YEAR or $4/MONTH.