Yes indeed, today is the day I try to update the site and make it so that it works better with the new update schedule and format.

Yesterday I spent most of my time trying to figure out Comicpress, but as it turns out when I upgraded it I found out that the new version (2.9) is really friendly when it comes to customization. It’s almost as if the people that make it realized that nobody wants to leave it looking as it comes. The earlier one, on the other hand… well… not so much.

In any case, the site will probably be very unstable today, look like crap one second, not work the next, display database errors half the time and finally look like something that might work. Then I’ll finally go into meltdown mode and bug my friend Vlad through constant IMs until he fixes it, all the time making comments about how it’s really not all that complicated.

Hopefully I’ll be done by noon.