It seems to be the general consensus that the comic should update on Wednesdays and not on Mondays. The reasons given are several, but in general it’s because most weekly webcomics update on Mondays and therefore COMMISSIONED would benefit from taking place on a day less “congested”.

If the webcomic is to update on Wednesdays, then I’d move the Audiorant to Mondays.

And today, you get a Bunnybacon. What is a “Bunnybacon”, you ask? Well it’s when I make a quick drawing. A doodle or a sketch. Call it whatever you want. The ideas are mostly random and more times than not there’s a complete lack of reason or logic. Like the name. Besides, you tell me. Wouldn’t taking off that stiff, boring suit Professor X always wear and replacing it with a mariachi suit make him X times more awesome? Damn right it would!