Sometimes we see beautiful people. You know, the kind that look good no matter what. The kind that look great just rolling out of bed, that always look their best in pictures. Lucky bastards.

Other times we see people that are really, really beautiful, but just don’t register well in a photograph. You know they’re good looking, but nobody will believe you unless they get to meet them in person.

Then there’s the people that aren’t all that good looking, but look gorgeous in photos. They make great models, and most models are that way, actually. It’s a practical approach to beauty.

We’ve got the people that are sometimes good looking, and others don’t look good at all. Those people just need you to catch them on a good day.

Of course, there’s also the people with “angles”, who look nice or ugly depending on which way you look at them.

There’s circumstantial pretty people, that look just fine as long as they don’t perform a specific action – like smile, for example.

And let us not forget the people that are just plain ugly, no matter what.

Today’s comic is about another type of beauty: the distance beauty. These are people that look really great when you see them from a distance, but as you get closer you realize that they’re not actually all that pretty. Sometimes, they’re simply ugly, even. Growing up in high school with my friends, we used to call these people (in our case, we referred to the girls we were checking out) “traps”.

So in today’s comic, Admiral Ackbar does his job of pointing out what is a trap and what is not, as he always does. Beware.

Good hunting;

NOTE: Sorry for the lack of color and sketchy quality of today’s strip – sometimes time is not our friend. Still, I rather enjoy a sketchy comic every now and then.