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I… I… really don’t know how to explain today’s comic. Even as the idea crept into my head I realized that there was a very big chance that a lot of people wouldn’t get it.

I mean, sure, there’s a slim chance that there’s still a couple of people unfamiliar with the character Kratos. And perhaps even more of you have never even played God of War (links will take you to the respective Wikipedia articles). But in all honesty I’d be less surprised if people were confused by what it is Kratos is using, and not precisely by who he might be.

And of course, even if you do get it, that doesn’t necessarily make the whole thing funny. But I just had to make the joke, because all I have been able to think of lately (in terms of video games, of course) is how much I want to play God of War 3. So when I was planning out how Dwarf would explain to the rest of the group that the best way to defeat the giant, mechanical, flying dragon would probably be to get inside of it I was immediately reminded of how Kratos frequently has to get into the bodies of some of the larger enemies from the game in order to defeat them.

So… I guess this is how we’ll start this new week. All lubed up and ready to get into the fight.

Good hunting;

NOTE: Of course, insertion into colossal-scaled enemies is not exclusive to God of War, I can remember plenty of situations where it happens. But GoW is what I’m thinking of right now.