A couple of days ago I was involved in a conversation about what would happen in the comic’s storyline. When I mentioned that the group would trick Perky into letting them join her in the quest quest to destroy Fiddlebutt’s Wan(g)d, I was asked how exactly that would work – in the game.¬†Of course, the person involved in the conversation was simply interested in learning more about the game mechanics and how something such as Elf’s big fat lie would be resolved. So I taught her about “bluffing” – and so today’s comic came to be.

For those who are not familiar with the game, to “bluff” is when your character lies to anybody within the game. A bluff can be verbal (i.e. a lie), but it can also be physical, like feinting in a fight. When these things happen, we use dice in order to determine if the other character believes it or not (modifying the results depending on each characters traits and all that). And so far everything would seem simple enough.

But when you have a player with an elf that’s basically the equivalent of Satan’s afterbirth, equipped with incredibly high charisma and intelligence stats, what you get is a character that can basically convince every NPC he comes across of anything he wants. Of course, the game rules specify that some lies are so absurd that the NPCs just won’t believe them, no matter how high a result they roll with the dice. But having seen in reality just how gullible people can be, I normally let my players lie their way through any situation they can handle. In the end, it not only makes for good role-playing, but it also gives us some pretty good laughs.

Good hunting;