Well… I hate to be the bearer of bad news – but it seems that Arawn the Cat will not be getting better.

After numerous tests and such showing absolutely nothing wrong with him, the vet decided to take an x-ray. What came up was a mass constricting Arawn’s lungs, and this led the doctor to make some additional tests. The results were not good. Arawn has Leukemia.

Arawn lives with me as an “indoor” cat since he was 3 months old but before that he was pretty much a street cat. He was thrown out of a car in a bag into the river and then rescued by the people in a local pet shop that no longer exists. I brought him home, cleaned him up and had him checked. He was healthy and has lived a pretty much healthy life ever since. Arawn could’ve contracted his disease during his brief life on the streets, but it’s a lot more likely that he had it since birth.

The veterinarian said that when they’re afflicted with this disease from birth, the body basically gets used to it and it won’t show up on a regular blood test (Arawn has even been vaccinated against feline leukimia). The cat basically lives a regular life and one day, for a multitude of reasons the disease just “kicks in”. After paying for a much more expensive test the results came in positive. There is – of course – no cure and it’s pretty much the worst thing a cat can have. Basically, he’ll start to grow weaker and weaker and eventually die.

Later today I’m supposed to go to the animal hospital and talk with the veterinarian. If Arawn can live a good life for what he’s got left of it then I’ll bring him home and try my best to adapt to whatever needs to be done in order to ensure that it goes that way. But if all he’s gonna do is get worse then I guess I’ll be having some pretty difficult decisions to make.

Also, there’s Pixie – the other cat. While she has all her vaccines and is an apparently  healthy cat, she lived at least a few days with us before getting all her shots. Since it is quite contagious, it probably means she has it too. Right now she’s just fine, but sooner or later she’ll go the same way Arawn is going. Even if is she is somehow miraculously free of the disease, I’d have to decide what to do with them both because living with Arawn would probably result in her being infected eventually (the vet said that those vaccines aren’t 100% effective).

That’s really all there is to say at the moment. I’ll let you all know how it gets at the veterinarian’s later today.