I will not lie to any of you – the main reason today’s comic strip was made was that last panel. Sure enough, it goes with the storyline, and there’s even a joke in there if you look hard enough (something about how a cookie attracts the attention of the battle droids or whatever)… but in the end, today’s comic is all about the last panel.

It’s been drawn with th intention of being made into a wallpaper, and so it has been made:

3×24×35×35×48×5, 16×9, 17×9i-stuff

I hope you enjoy the joy of this season on your desktop with this subtle little safe-for-work reminder of why the Jolly Red Roof Lurker is not going to bring you presents this year. As always, I’ve uploaded the different available screen dimensions instead of resolutions. In case you don’t know what dimensions your screen has, you can always find out with this nifty chart.

On an extra note, somebody asked me yesterday if the whole “Mugshot” deal was all about people sending me money so I could draw them being murdered. Looking at today’s comic the answer should be obvious: Yes. People pay me so that I may draw their fictional deaths.

I dare you to find another person with the same job.

Good hunting;