(a brief reflection upon my own abnormality)

As I was drawing today’s comic, I found myself worrying if perhaps it was a bit too much. You know, jumping on a motorcycle over a horde of zombies? Had I finally gone over the edge and made the comic so that it is no longer absurd and so become simply ridiculous?

I sat there, looking at the third panel (which was so much fun to draw) and remembered the TV series Happy Days, and how they not only “jumped the shark” but also how they started the term altogether (follow the links in case you need further explanations regarding what these terms mean). Had COMMISSIONED “jumped the shark” as we “jumped the zombies”?

But then I laughed, and decided that those thoughts on their own would make a good second half for today’s comic. And it’s funny to me, because it’s obvious that for such serious thoughts to have actually helped out I should have thought them long ago. Jumping a Harley over a horde of zombies is far from being the most absurd moment in COMMISSIONED’s history.

I battled against a Cthulhu-Ninja-Zombie and even killed Santa Claus – several times. A tentacle monster lives in my refrigerator. My eraser has tried to kill me and then ran away, my male cat resents me for neutering him and silently awaits the opportunity to get even, all the time while my female cats tries to get me to have sex with her. I frequently draw myself and my friends naked, and every time something of my property breaks or malfunctions I draw a comic about how a brainless deity has declared a sort of vendetta against me (not only that, but his main angel hates him).

It says it very clearly right there at the top of the site: “The Ministry of Abnormality”, and so it is. This is not the place to go to if you’re looking for something normal. And that’s not even the half of it. In all seriousness, if the absurdity of my actions were to make this comic unreadable it would’ve happened long ago. It’s just that I have never jumped over something. Until today.

So I laughed alone and finished today’s comic, but even as I write this I realize that maybe if I had an “about” section, or a “cast” section, people could read about all this and understand a bit better that when reading this here webcomic, logic is futile (as I said in my past rant). In the past, I’ve announced making these sections several times and never actually gotten to it, but this is the first time I’ve actually felt like they’re needed.

So who knows? Maybe I’ll actually make them. Or not. It’ll be a surprise.

Good hunting;