Coloring today’s comic I made one of those huge Photoshop mistakes that ruins pretty much everything. Those of you who also work with such software probably know what it’s like, the kind of mistake that gives you two options:

1- You start over.

2- You fix the mistake but it would probably take just as long as starting over.

Normally, I’ll just go ahead and take the first options, assuming that since I’ve already done it once, perhaps a little bit of the experience will allow me to go through the process a bit faster. But sometimes the process itself was no incredibly tedious that you’d much rather spend even more time fixing the mistake than to have to go through all that crap again. But then the fixing process isn’t any fun either, so you’re basically choosing between a boring thing you know and a new boring thing. Since I’ve always considered myself something of an avant-garde, today I took that second option, because pretty much every single item in today’s comic was drawn separately. Scanning, editing, cutting, pasting, distributing and then cutting and editing again so that each piece will fit in with the others.

Yeah… so I’m pretty much sick of today’s comic. Enjoy it.

Good hunting;