I’ve been wanting to make this joke for over a year now, ever since I first saw the actual video and tried it out myself. Truth is that it works. Yup. It does. And it’s fun… I mean, sort of.

The biggest problem this method of peeling hard-boiled eggs has is that it doesn’t always work and that you only really end up saving like 10 seconds of time (unless the guy in the video peels his eggs in some weird manner that takes much longer). Nevertheless, ever since I tried it I pretty much peel all my eggs in this manner (without the biking soda), and I do have to admit that while I learned, I did make quite a mess.

Occasionally, I do wonder why I do these things. But then again, I do lots of stuff for no reason.

Good hunting;

NOTE 1: Please don’t email me saying that I can’t eat eggs and be a vegetarian. I’m not a vegan, I just don’t eat any kind of meat. And while we’re there; eggs are not meat. The eggs you get at the supermarket  were never going to be chicks anyway. My science teacher way back in school explained that eggs are basically a hen’s period. So eggs might be disgusting, but at least they’re not meat.

NOTE 2: Am I the only one that feels dirty every time he says “peel my eggs”?