Most people don’t realize it, but getting a tattoo on your butt really hurts a lot. Granted, it’d hurt even more if they were Mud Flap Girls, but that’d be a different kind of pain.

Anyway, now that you know more about me and my tattoos then you need to, I had a lot of fun thinking about what tattoos Carlos’ cartoon character would have. The real-life Carlos has his completely left arm tattooed with a really intricate and colorful design of skulls and stuff that I can’t really remember – but the comic-version of he needed something that really reflected his sexually-obsessed nature. At first I thought about kill markings, like the ones you see on fighter planes. They’d be girls, one for each he had slept with. But then I decided against it since I think it’s kind of fun that while the character seems to be completely focused on the topic of sex the readers never get to actually know how many women he’s been with – or if he’s ever actually done anything at all.

In the interest of my good friend’s reputation, I feel the need to add that these aspects of the character’s personality are exclusive to the comic. While the real-life Carlos is in many ways like his comic representation, I have known the real one to have been in relationships and function like a normal individual within them. At least publicly, I mean. What they do in the privacy of their bed is none of my business.

And ew.

Anyway, while I was considering the possibility of kill markings I came up with the idea for him to have mud flap girls (click here if you don’t know what a Mud Flap Girl is). I guess I thought it’d be something that could make the shot more interesting if you’re an actor in a porn film, sort of like what the car behind you would see while you’re “truckin’ the ladies”.

It made sense to me.

Good hunting;

NOTE: “Truckin the ladies” is the new euphemism for having sex. Trust me, it’ll catch on.