“The Lord of the Bling” is a pretty obvious joke, and I’d actually be surprised if it hasn’t been done before. But the issue it deals with does need to be said, in any case. Tolkien’s stories (as much as I love them) are basically a bunch of realm-threatening wars over pieces of jewelry – and the Silmarillion is the worst at that.

Still, I’m not a big fan of jewelry. I will admit that I enjoy wearing small medallions around my neck, and of these I have several, normally shaped like either skulls or skeletons. I also wear a small D20 on some ocassions, and I’ve got a couple of obsidian fragments just as well (figures). Rings, I just can’t stand. I suppose it’s because I value my finger’s freedom of movement far too much to stiffen them with metal. For that reason I also dislike bracelets, which make it very uncomfortable to draw.

As far as piercings go, I think they’re awesome but I don’t personally have any (or plan to). This is because I know myself to be far too fidgety and restless to have a piercing without constantly playing around and wiggling it until I do some horrible damage to myself. I’d be that annoying kind of person that plays around with his piercing all day up to the point that it seems I draw¬†sustenance from it, or pleasure. Besides, as much as I think piercings look cool, a person swiveling their tongues around all day is not pleasant to look¬†at. Of course, there’s of plenty other options for pierce-able body parts, but you get the point.

Me? I’m into tattoos.

. . .

Anyway, a reader has already commented that an animated gif of Sauron banging to the beat would be cool – and the idea has gotten stuck in my head. Right now, I’ve got to take a shower and go teach a class, but after that I need to make that gif. The beat demands it!

Good hunting;