I’ll be honest here; I simply drew today’s comic to cheer myself up. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy drawing all the comics. But I just wasn’t feeling all that cheerful and fantasy-ish this week and I was having a hard time forcing myself to get back to work on the comic. Not wanting to fall into some pit of depression or anything of the sort where the possibility of not updating the comic would start to look like something I could do, I found that a good dose of Zombie Apocalypse was just about what I needed to fire up my engines again.

The past couple of weeks have been horrible, and the end of it all even worse. Personally, I’m just glad this week is over. Nevertheless, I did receive a lot of support from readers and friends in the form of emails, comments and even a few donations. I kept on telling myself that I’d answer them all later on when I wouldn’t be in clear danger of writing something horrible in response while trying to say “thank you”, and finally found that unless I spend the entire weekend writing thank you notes, there’s no way I can reply to each message personally.

So I decided to make a wallpaper, which is my way of saying “thank you all for your support”. It really meant a lot to me and while most of your messages made me shed a whole lot of tears, I wouldn’t necessarily consider that to be a bad thing. The messages and such I received were exactly what I needed; the emails and comments with people telling me about their own animal friends made me feel like I wasn’t alone and the donations are a good start in helping me recover from the hospital bills. Corny as it might sound, it’s evident that more than readers, I have a whole bunch of friends. And while sometimes life might seem to be a tough ride to mount, I still consider myself to be an incredibly lucky guy.

While I do wonder if a wallpaper depicting the end of days is the proper way to “thank you everybody” in this particular situation, it’s probably the best and only way I know how to do it. If you don’t like it (and you don’t have to), please just know that I’m thankful.

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As before, I have uploaded the different screen dimensions instead of resolutions. If you don’t know what screen dimension yours is, you can consult this useful chart.

I guess that’s all I’ve got to say for now.
Good hunting;