We went to see the vet and unfortunately, Arawn the cat is not OK. It turns out that while his blood tests all look great and nothing seems wrong with him at a first glance, his liver is taking quite a beating with his constant refusal to eat anything. The veterinarian was very worried about the very real possibility of liver failure and Arawn had to remain hospitalized. Right now he is being treated and kept hydrated while the exam results for his liver come out. The vet says he can be there for a couple of days at least if his liver turns out fine and he decides to eat soon. But if there is liver damage or he simply won’t eat he could end up staying there for a few weeks.

Nevertheless the vet said Arawn is responding well to the treatment and that while he still ┬áhasn’t eaten that it’s perfectly normal for it to take a while. The test results should be available later tonight or tomorrow, and by then we should probably know what to expect. I’ll post a update as soon as I find out.