POST UPDATE: When I drew that last panel, I made a mark for each zombie I added. In total, I counted 163 zombies, but since sometimes I’d forget or lose track of if I had made a mark or not I wouldn’t exactly bet my life on the precision of that number. I also counted 6 ninjas, but the situation’s pretty much the same.

The image isn’t actually finished, though. I’m working a little more detail in the colors (not too much, though). When that’s done, I’ll make it available as a wallpaper and also as a print for those of you that wish to purchase it. Right now I’ve got to leave for a meeting, though, but I should be able to get that done tonight at the latest.

And yeah, for those of you wondering: it was a lot of fun to produce. I made it yesterday during the afternoon and evening as I listened to a recently downloaded audiobook of “Ender’s Game”.

Good hunting;